US authorities – Police – Consumer Advocates warn:

Why you never should shorten 2020 in Contracts

When you shorten the year, criminals can easily add two more numbers.

  1. If the criminals write a smaller number than the 20 behind it, deadlines will be shortened and have already expired.

Example: 16.March 20 would then be 16. March 2019 or 16.March.2018 or … or … or

A dubious business person could turn 16.March 20 into 16.March 2019, and
it makes a difference if you agree, to pay your installments from 16.March 2020 or from 16. March 2019.

  1. If there is a higher number than 20 after the first 20, the deadlines will be extended. And this millennium is still extremely long.

Whether cash collectors, checks, certificates, rental contracts, vouchers or receipts –
there are hardly any limits here. Invalid and expired checks are suddenly valid again.
Leases and vouchers could also be extended easily.

With the date trick, some trouble is possible that you can save yourself by writing out the 2020 number.
And caution is always better than forbearance. After all, we want to save ourselves all the trouble.


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