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I pray that the content of this mail is not misconstrued, please don’t get tempted to overlook and discard due to the invasion of the internet world by dishonest people who are nothing but scammers.But this is a different case.However I am wary and cautious while sending this message to you until I an convinced you quite understand its importance and I am therefore holding back specifics for security reasons until you revert with a confirmation of a visit/view of the news websites which gives historical background and insight as well as the source of funds in question which has been of public knowledge (PRESS TV) (BBC) (CBS NEWS) (VOA NEWS)

Until you assure me never to go public with message content all I can say for now is that I was a Major in the U.S Army,  until the recent dis-engagement from Iraq as a result of the end of the war. It will interest you to know I am one of the U.S Army, officers who were entrusted with the responsibility of counting and moving the seized funds reported in the news stories. I was one of the five officers questioned by military authorities as also reported in the above news story. The war has officially ended I would like to share more information about my personal involvement that led to my keeping and stashing away some cash, waiting to be moved out of Iraq to a trusted fellow for safe-keeping.

I want to ship 3 cash-boxes to you but I rather duel more on the issue of trust, honesty, reliability expected of each us and your capability to handle it at your end without compromising on confidentiality it deserve the amount to be sent.Simply put, I have no fraudulent intentions but that the essence of this message is strictly for our mutual benefit and nothing more.Surprised to read from someone relatively unknown to you ? Not only surprised but also skeptical ? Just ensure you visit the news sites and I do assure you that we both stand to gain enormously from the expected collaboration in this uncommon transaction of this nature. I will be vivid and very explicit in my next message but before I do so I will appreciate your doing the following :

  • 1. Confirm that the 2 above international news links have been visited/viewed.
  • 2. Confirm that you have understood my intention to send the funds to you.
  • 3.  Give a promise to let it remain a secret between us.
  • 4. Provide me with your complete names, complete address, phone number(s), your age and profession/occupation.

Once again I plead that you share with one this proposal on mutual collaboration.

Very Sincerely
Major Betty Jones

Email-Adressen:;, …

ATTENTION! He’s a Defrauder or Impostor, and belongs to the Westafrican-Email-Scammer – Nigeria-Connection

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