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1. NOW CONTACT                                                              investment-scam,


Dear Friend,
I’m happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the co-operation of a new partner from Venezuela. Presently I’m in France for investment projects with my own share of the total sum. Meanwhile, I didn’t forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us somehow.

Now contact my secretary in Benin, Republic Mr. JC Debar by name, his email
is:( ask him to send you the total $ bank draft which I raised in your favors for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. so feel free and get in touch with my secretary Mr. JC Debar  and instruct him where to send the amount to.

Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy after all the
suffering at that time. in the moment, I’m very busy here because of the investment projects which I have at hand with my new partner, finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to the secretary on your behalf, so feel free to contact him now to enable him send your money to you without delay.

Mr.  Ebuka  Malachi


Hello Sir,
Your Compensation BANK DRAFT worth of ($1.5Million USD) was converted into ATM-Card which you can withdraw in any ATM Cash Point Machine Worldwide. Your ATM-Card have been programmed by the issuing bank” Trust Bank Nigeria Plc, » and
register it with Courier Company, for delivery to you. Contact The Courier Company,
manager Mr. JC Debor,  Email: (

From: Mr. Ebuka Amalachi

Email-Adressen:,,,, …    

3. DEAR FRIEND TRUST                                            money-transfer-scam,

I am personal Assistant to the Branch Manager of Bank of Africa Quagadougou Burkina Faso (B.O.A),  I want to inquire from you if you can handle this transaction for mutual benefits/life opportunity for you and me.

The transaction is about seeking your consent to present you as the next of kin beneficiary of the US $10.6 MILLION DOLLAR, (TEN MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS), and who is a customer to the bank where i work. He died in a Kenya Plane Crash 2003, with his family during their vacation journey. The Fund is currently in a suspense account awaiting claim, the bank made a public notice that they are ready to release this fund to any of his relatives abroad. THEREFORE, by virtue of its nature as being utterly CONFIDENTIAL, top secret
should be maintained please!, because i am still in the active service i do not need any form of implication especially now i’m in the verge of my retirement to endanger my carear at last!.

Since we got the information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot release it unless some body applies for it as next of kin or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines and laws. In that regard, i decided to seek your consent for this prospective opportunity. Have it at the back of your mind, that the transaction does not involve any RISK, and does not need much engagement from you, since i am familiar with this kind of transaction being an insider.Necessary modalities will be worked out to enable us carry out the fund claim under a legitimate arrangement. I have resolved to offer you 30% of the total fund, 10% for sundry expenses that may be incurred during the process of executing this transaction and 60% percent for me.

I will give you more details about the transaction when I receive your affirmative response, more clarification information

I’m waiting to hear from you soon.
Thanks and God bless,
Mr. Good Daniel


4. FROM SONIA ABBA                                                       other-scam-types,

Abidjan, Cote d’lvoire

Hi Dearest one,
How are you today, i hope fine? I am a female student from University of Cote d’lvoire. I am 22yrs old. I will love to have a long-term relationship with you and to know more about you. I would like to build up a solid foundation with you in time coming if you can be able to help me in this project. I have some fund of Seven Million Eight Hundred Thousand united states dollars ($7.800.000.00) which my late Father Deposited for me here in Abidjan Cote d’lvoire as his next of kin before he died. I want you to help me delivering my inheritance money into your country for investment purposes on these areas:

1).Transport industry   2). Five star hotel   3). Real Estate   4). company

If you can be of an assistance to me, I will be pleased to offer to you 30% Of the total fund.
I will be humbly waiting your soonest response Plesae try and keep this to yourself

Sonia Abba.


5. GOOD NEWS                                                                   other-scam-types,

My name is Richard; I have not met you before, but I have heard so much about you. I have a property development and sales proposed business request (partnership) I believe we can do together. I am very serious about this. It is a better portfolio; let me know what you think so that I can explain myself better to you. I am waiting for your immediate response.

Have a great day.
Thanks & Regards,
Alfred Philip


6. GREAT CONFIDENTIAL BUSINESS                             next-of-kin-scam, 

Dear Friend,
I am Mr. Ibrahim Sanogo. the Manager in charge of Auditing section Bank of Africa Quagadougou Burkina Faso (B.O.A),  in West Africa. Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise.AS IT MAY INTEREST YOU TO KNOW, I GOT YOUR IMPRESSIVE INFORMATION THROUGH THE INTERNET SEARCH HERE IN OUAGADOUGOU BURKINA-FASO. I FASTED AND PRAYED FOR THREE DAYS BEFORE I CONTACT YOU TO BE MY PARTNER.I have decided to contact you on a project that will be very beneficial to both of us. Duringour auditing in this Bank,

I came across some amount of money belonging to a deceased foreigner Mr. Andras Schranner died with his wife and their only daughter on July 31, 2000 in a Plane Crash. The fund has been dormant in his account with this Bank without any claim of the fund in our custody from his relation before my discovery to this development.The saidamount is U.S $12,000,000 (TWELVE MILLION  UNITED STATES DOLLARS). I want you to know that I never master minded the death of the deceased fellow.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION BEEN YOU NOT A GERMANY WILL NOT POSE ANYPROBLEM FOR THE SUCESSFUL TRANSFER ON THIS FUND INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.All the whole arrangement to put claim over this fund as the bonafide next of kin to the deceased has been put in place and directives will be relayed to you as soon as you indicate your interest and willingness to assist me and also benefit your self to this great business opportunity.In this country as a civil servant(A Banker),we are not allowed to operate a foreign account.

This is the actual reason why it will require a second party or fellow who will forward claims as the next of kin to the Bank and also present a foreign account where he will need the money to be re-transferred into on his request. Our Banking law stipulates that if such money remained unclaimed after eleven years, the money will be transferred into the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund.The quest of foreigner as next of kin in this business is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a Burkinabe cannot stand as next of kin. I dont want this money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed Bill .Be assured this transaction is 100% risk free. On conclusion of this Project, you will be entitled to 40% of the total sum as gratification,while 60% will be for me.

Please you have been adviced to keep this a top secret as I am still in service and intend to retire from service after I conclude this deal with you. I will fly down to your country for subsequent sharing of the fund according to percentages previously indicated and further investment will be discussed.On your acceptance to be my partner, please email for a brief discussion before we proceed.Please keep this proposal secret, even if you dont want to assist me.

I look forward to receive your urgent reply.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Ibrahim Sanogo.


7. HELLO                                                                                  romance-scam,

Hello friend how are you and your family? hope all is well with you, my name is Deborah, i will like to establish a good relationship with you. please reply back so i can send you my pictures and tell you more about me and no if you can help. Hope to hear from you.


8. LIEBE                                                                        money-transfer-scam,

Hallo liebe,
Informiere ich Sie ьber eine gegenseitige Transaktion, die die Ьbertragung von $ 21,5 Millionen (Twenty-one Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in meiner Bank in China, um Sie als Empfдnger bringt. Diese Transaktion wird 100% Risiko mцglich frei sein wobei die Financial Officer des verstorbenen Kunden.

Bitte wenden Sie sich auf meiner privaten E-Mail unter fьr jede Frage und weiterer Abklдrung.

Mit freundlichen GrьЯen,
Sang Chin

E-Mail:,, …


Dear Friend,
I know this mail will come to you as a surprise because you don’t know me,but knowing somebody starts in a day. However, I have gone through your business profile and I decided to contact you in good faith, with utmost assurance that you will never regret giving your attention to this mail. My name is Mr. Phala Heng. I am the Director in charge of audit and account unit department with a Bank here in Asia. you will know me more as we go on.  In December 2004 a foreign Customer of our bank died with his little family in Tsunami Disaster on the 26th December 2004 in Sumatra Indonesia.

The huge deposit he made in our bank early 2003 has been dormant and unclaimed due to unavailability of a next of kin to claim the deposit in my Bank. In accordance with the laws in this country, the deposit will be transferred to the Government treasury account if nobody comes to claim the deposit as his next of kin. I am his account officer and I know he have no next of kin. I also know the source of the fund he deposited in my bank.

As I said, I am the account officer to the deceased customer and I have the right to approve next of kin to my bank. As result of that, I want to present you to my bank as the official next Of Kin because you share almost the same name with him. so I want to present you to my bank so that my bank can transfer the money to you, then we proceed for the sharing. I want to work with you on it. The amount involve is US$13,000,000.00 (Thirteen Million United State Dollars). plus the interest-rate since 2003. Everything will be 100% risk free and I will tell you how everything will be executed in my next mail if your interested to achieve this success with me.

Mr. Phala H.




Hello Dear,
I am Agent Charles Uba, Senior Security Officer from Murtala Muhammed International Airport Security Service Nigeria.

Note, I have already sent you this letter by post weeks ago, but I am not sure that the letter promptly got to you since I have not heard from you, now I am resending it by email. We are hereby writing this official letter inform you that we have recovered your Inheritance Payment/Consignment (box) from Lt. Gen James Morgan who was trying to redirect the delivery to another address which totally different from yours, and he stated that you are aware of changing the delivery address to another destination and we decided to confirm from you before we can release the consignment to him, please are you aware of changing the delivery of your consignment (box) to another destination?

This consignment (box) was retrieved from who claimed to be Lt. Gen James Morgan during our last routine inspection suspected to be banking instruments worth Millions of United States Dollar notes in cash as indicated on the consignment papers.

Please confirm to us without delay if we should allow Lt. Gen James Morgan to proceed with the redirection of your consignment/box to his its destination or we should detain him.

Waiting for your urgent response.
Agent Charles Uba.
(Murtala Muhammed International Airport
Security Service Nigeria)


11. GOOD DAY DEAR FRIEND                                              romance-scam,

hi dearest lovely friend with great pleasure to meet you well, my name is miss precious efuna, i find your email id today in the browse search “Friends Net” and truly i pick interest to respond to you,  and i will humbly like to know more about you and i will also like us to become friends so that we can share our feeling together ok.  email me today as i will be waiting for your mail, and one thing i am assuring you is true and sincere love as you do show me the same love as i strongly believe you will.

thanks for your acceptance
yours sincerely friend precious

Email-Adressen:,, …

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