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Online Scammers like to “steal” and use the identities of real persons or companies, or abuse their email addresses as their own sender-addresses, in order to appear more legitimate towards their victims and gain their trust. I do not have any influence on that. Please understand that the rightful owners of abused names or email addresses mentioned in my blog, are not connected with any unlawful activities of criminal email scammers.

If you can, block the SCAMMER. You will live much safer with that.
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Do not reply to such messages!
Do not click on links in such message!
Do not download pictures or E-mail attachments!
Be wise and make your life easy with such kind of emails …
up with them in the trash …

1. Greetings lottery-scam,

I am Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of Operations, reporting to the CEO.
I lead a team of people around the world responsible for end-to-end supply chain management and dedicated to ensuring that Apple products meet the highest standards of quality.

Every Tuesday morning we randomly select visitors and customers from our web site to participate in our Weekly Giveaway Contest, Based on today’s random draw we found you a WINNER of Apple iPhone 4S and Apple laptop with the sum of 30,000 pounds, i need you to give me a full details here as follow, so that i will send your winning package,


As soon as i receive your details i will deliver your package and let you know and send the tracking number to you so that you can track the parcel till it get to your door step ,

Regards !
Jeff Williams
Apple’s senior
vice president Operations



I want you to know that i am willing to help you get your loan funds transfer to you as soon as possible okay,You have to understand and trust in this business so for us to proceed further with your loan funds transfer you have to try and fill the borrower Info so that we can send to you the needed info to get these done once and for all okay and you have to tell us the amount which you are requesting so that we can know to get your loan funds transfer to you okay..

First Name: Last Name: Gender: Marital status: Contact Address:
City/Zip code: Country: Date of Birth: Loan Amount Needed: Loan Duration:
Monthly Income/Yearly Income: Occupation: Purpose for Loan:
Cell Phone: Fax:

In acknowledgment to these details, I will send you a well calculated Terms and Condition which will include the agreement. I will be expecting the receive the above information from you if you wish to proceed with this transaction.

Thanks And God Bless,
Mr Sherry Moore…


3. BUSINESS VALUE – loss-recovery-scam,


We are leading agency specialized in (Global) Customer Service Research. We are starting a very big research project in USA and Canada. This project takes place every month.

We need to recruit mystery shoppers to join our project to work as a surveyor.

You will get $ 200 – $ 300 for each assignment. Contact us if interested and Please email your Personal Info

*Full Name (First, Middle, Last): *Phone (Home & Cell): *Full Address (No PO BOX):
*City, State, Country: *Zip Code: *Gender & Age: *Occupation: *Email Address:

The sooner you apply the bigger possibility you will get a shop to visit.

Best Regards,
Recruitment Department


4. INVITATION: lottery-scam,


Calendar Awaiting your urgent responds.
When: Friday, July 13, 2012 3:30a – 4:30a (GMT+00:00)

Message: Dear Friend, A random draw of emails was made and your e-mail address was picked as the beneficiary of $14,500, 000.00 USD, so send to me.

Your Name: Occupation: Nationality: Mobile number:

Reply me on my private email
Thanks Mr. Asimo Kaita

Email-Adressen:,, …

5. LOAN OFFER other-scam-types,

OVER $500,000.00 IN OUR PROMO)

Good Morning,
Do you know that with $70 you can access LOAN worth over $500,000.00
in our Promo.

To participate in this promo, simply answer the following question?

QUESTION: What Currency Do United State Of America Use:

A: Pounds B: Rand C: Dollar D: Naira




ATTN: Beneficiary,
We, the entire members of the Federal Ministry of Finance, on behalf of the Republic of TOGO Government, Under the auspices of the Ecowas Head of States, comprising 16 countries these includes Ghana, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, cote d’ ivoire and so on, We held a meeting last week concerning payment , both foreign and local contractors/inheritance funds which has been abandon by our banks in all West African countries. On going through files yesterday, we discovered that your name and email address was dumped untreated, so at this juncture, we apologize for the delay of your payment and please stop communicating with any office now and attention to the appointed office below for you to receive your payment of $1.6M accordingly.

Now your new Payment Reference No.-35460021, Allocation No: 674632 Password No : 339331 , Pin Code No: 55674 and your Certificate of Merit Payment No : 103, Released Code No: 0763; Immediate Telex confirmation No: -1114433 ; Secret Code No: XXTN013, Having received these vital payment number, therefore You are qualified now to received and confirm

Now you are directed to contact the Office of the Paymaster General Republic of Togo Mr. Ibrahim Waziri, immediately so that he will instruct you on what to do , this is to avoid mistake while transferring your overdue payment. Contact Person: Mr. Ibrahim Waziri, Email: Phone:+228 90030856

Contact him now and inform him that you received an email from the Federal Ministry of Finance, Republic of Togo , Instructing you to write him for immediate release of your fund and forward your Details to his office to avoid transfer mistake.

NOTE: We have mounted our security network to monitor every in-coming call, if we still find out that you are still dealing with all those fraudsters that have been frustrating our efforts and defrauding beneficiaries, We shall stop and cancel your payment immediately.

Best Regards
MR. Saudin Farooq
Secretary Resolution Panel on Contract / Inheritancefund Payment

Email-Adressen:,,,,, …

ATTENTION! Have a short look here: SCAMMER BARRISTER PT GEORGE – No 3. GOOD NEWS 4/4/2012

7. HOW ARE YOU TODAY romance-scam,

I hope all is well with you .I am sorry to worry you with my Proposal for a relationship with you, but I know that you will grant my request in good faith and understanding, My name is Viviane, I just went Through your Email I have no options than letting you Know that I am interested in having a relationship with you, I will also like to Know you the more, you can send an email to my email that I can send you more details about my self Including my picture I believe we can move from here. But bear in mind that Love has no colors barrier, what matter is love Yours Viviane


8. LUCRATIVE PROPOSAL next-of-kin-scam,

Dear Sir,
I expect that this mail shall meet you and your family in good health? I am Hamilton Lugard, an account clerk in one of the prime banks in UK. It is my pleasure to seek your assistance to aid this noble transaction for our mutual benefit. On 05 March 2007, German business mogul Adolf Merckle made a fix deposit for twelve calendar months valued at £ 26,000,000.00 (Twenty six Million pounds sterling) in my branch and I was lucky to be nominated his account officer. On maturity, I went through his records as I have heard the CNN Breaking news of his self inflicted death at the train station on the 9th of January 2009 following global recession which left serious crunch on his finances. My intention was to inform his family of his standing account record with our bank but to my astonishment I found out there was no next of kin in his record.

I am a Jamaican National working in UK. The total sum of Twenty six million pounds is still standing in His favor in my bank as dormant account with accrued interest, although I have reactivated the account by paying into the account some of my personal money and has been keeping the link record in suspense, waiting for any of his relatives/family to come for claims but before now as I send you this mail all indication that his family could come for these funds looks to me a case of mirage as they have no clue this money ever exist, hence you are contacted to help me fast make a deal out of this opportunity to avoid detection by external auditors/the authorities in UK. Now I need your support and your full cooperation, so that we will have this fund swiftly wired into your bank account for our disbursement preferably if you live outside of UK. Please if you are not interested, disregard and ignore this mail and never divulge/disseminate this privileged info.

Mr. Hamilton Lugard


9. REF: IMFWB/UN12/RV/12

Your name appeared among the list of Unpaid Individuals and Companies (Contractors, Inheritance of Next-of-Kin, Lottery Payments, ATM Beneficiaries) that was originated from America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Your Unpaid funds has been approved and you will receive a part-payment of Five Million Point Zero Zero US Dollars(US$5m) Only out of the Basic Value of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Point Zero Zero US Dollars($250m), You are requested to get back to me for more direction and instruction on how to receive your funds.

We have your ATM-Card, valued $5m to be delieverd to you, We have been instructed to deliver the ATM-Card, package to you in due time, due to the expiration date of the ATM CArd which is fast aproaching. We never knew how soon we would get in touch with you in case of Dumorrage. We will release this payment to you in your Country of Residence with the IMF/WB Release Code: IMFWB/UN12/RV/12 in your favor, Always Quote this Reference Number in all your Correspondences with us.

Please contact the undersigned for the delivery of your ATM-Card, and furnish him with the information requested below; (a) Correct and Current Email Contact Address, (b) Your Direct Cell Phone, House and Office Phone Numbers, (c) Age, (d) Occupation, (e) A Copy of Your Identification, (f) Correct and Contact Mail Delivery Addresses for easy communication and further details. After verification, we can make arrangements on the exact time to deliver your package to your residential address.

Once again, I apologize to you on behalf Of IMF’s (International Monetary Fund (IMF), failure to receive your funds in time, which according to records in the system had been long overdue.

Thanks and Best Regards.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Frank A. Churchill.
for: Andrew Tweedie
Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF),
The information transmitted is intended only for the person(s) or entity to which it is addressed. It may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you received this in error, please notify the sender and delete it.


10. THIS WORK AT HOME POSITION employment-scam,


I am writing to inform that you have a chance to work at home with the help of this company. I’ve heard reports this company opened a few positions in their online work from home training and jobs program and after verifying their legitimacy I can confidently say this is really a perfect great opportunity for you.

Work-From-Home Jobs,

You will be your own boss and can set your own hours working whenever you please, And you don’t need any special skills or background for this position, either… If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can do this.


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