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1. I CONTACTED YOU                                                         loss-recovery-scam,  


Dear Friend,
After a serious thought, I decided to contact you directly and personally because i do not have anything against you, but your partners here. I am the Deputy Governor Central Bank of Nigeria, some times in the past your partners or friends approached me through a friend of mine who works with one of the ministries here and requested that
i assist them conclude a money transfer deal, they told me to help program the transfer to you.

According to them, they wanted to use this strategy to transfer a huge amount of united states dollars, the money has been floating in the CBN suspense account since then.since the Apex Bank, is the only authorized Bank to make transfer of such huge amount of money out of the country.

We agreed that once i do this,They would give me the sum of $ 100,000.00 usd and give me another $ 100,00.00 when i release the fund to your bank account. When they saw that i have done that and your name has been approved among the list of those to be paid, instead of giving me the agreed deposit of $ 100,000.00, they stated avoiding me and resulted to threats.I immediately deleted the transfer code of your fund and release others.

They became  angry the more when they saw that their threat did not work, and started bribing other officials to get another approval to transfer the money, i want you to know that i am 100% responsible for the delay and obstructions because of their breach of agreement.

If you doubt what i have just told you, pay any amount they may ask you to pay now, after a short time they will come up with another reason to pay again and it goes on and on like that, They are simply WICKED.

Now if you want us to work together, these are my conditions.

1. i will have 30% of the money after the successful transfer of the money into your Bank account, because it is only two of us left for now.

11.You wll assist my son to open an account in your country or any other place of our choice where you will pay in our part.

111.As you can see, it will be useless and mere waste of time and money if you continue with any other person, so we can conclude this transaction with utmost secrecy with the below email address and the telephone number number which i will provide on your request.

IV.You will provide me with your full names, your full address, your private telephone, mobile and fax numbers as well as your email address(if any) to facilitate easy communication between you and i only.

If these conditions are acceptable to you, contact me as soon as possible on this email address: to enable me advise you further on the steps to be followed and procure all the required document which will be forwarded to you for endorsement and return for the process of the fund into your bank account as you may indicate in the document.

If you are not interested, I advise you to forget the fund and stop wasting your time and money with yours so called friends ans spammers.

Yours Sincerely.
Dr. Tunde Lemo
Deputy Governor (CBN)


2. RE: URGENT PROPOSAL.                                   phishing and identity-theft,

Mr. Andrew D. Lamar
Barclays Bank London UK,

I am very sorry to write you today this kind of business which may not interest  you as a person, but I will highly appreciate your acceptance to work with me in this urgent transaction that requires trust and understanding.

Although, I got your e-mail contact through my search on internet and I decided
to approach you on this regard. On December last year there was AN INTERNET

It happens that there are five (5) people who won the lottery that were not aware of there winnings and I want to seek your consent so that our bank will issue one of the winners INTERNATIONAL BANK DRAFT OF US $ 1 MILLION to you for
our mutual benefits. I only need your consent to do that by providing me your contact stated bellow

1. Your full names    2. Your address    3. Your telephone/fax numbers
4. Your age, sex and occupation    5. A copy of your ID
6. A promissory note that you will be guided by the term of sharing the fund
50% for you and 50% for me for a better understanding.

Please I want you to know that this must be treated confidentially because of my position. If this proposal interests you, kindly e-mail me immediately with the ABOVE STATED E-MAIL ADDRESS ONLY FOR SECURITY REASONS so that I will instruct you on what need next to be done to actualize this transaction.

Thanks and strongly hope that you will give this transaction the urgency and utmost confidentiality it deserves, even from your closest friend because of my sake

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Andrew D. Lamar

Email-Adressen: andrewlamar@org,, 

3. BUSINESS PROPOSAL!!!                                                  other-scam- types,

Dear Friend,
I bring you greetings. I am Peter Chow, I work with Bank of China, Hong Kong. I have a Business Proposal of $ 17.3 M for you to handle with me from my bank. I need you to assist me in executing this Business Project from Hong Kong to your country.I need to know if you will be able to handle this with me before I explain to you in details. Should you be interested please send me the required information below;

(1). Full Names:   (2). Current Residential Address/Country:
(3). Private Telephone Number:   (4). Age:   (5). Occupation

I will want you to reach me on my private e-mail : ( ).
Finally after that I shall provide you with more information.

Peter Chow


4. CONGRATULATION!!!                                                        other-scam- types,

It was resolved & agreed upon by the Board members & Directors that your fund will be release to you on a special method payment via  ATM-Card,

You are advise to get back to this office with Your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, DIRECT / CELL PHONE NUMBER,

to claim your fund contact (Gene Mills)

Email-Adressen:,, …

5. DEAR WINNER                                                                             lottery-scam, 

The Board of Directors, members of staff and the International Awareness
Promotion Department of the Nokia Company Promotion, wishes to congratulate you on your success as the Star Prize Winner, in the 2012 Year Promotion sterling on NOKIA held on the 1st of July, 2012 in London,  England.

This makes you the proud owner of a brand new NOKIA N8 GSM, Toyota Camry 2011
Model and a cash prize of £3,000,000.00 GBP (Three Million Great British
Pounds), To file for your claims kindly send an email or call our Nokia agent

Fill the form below:

1, Name   2, country   3, occupation   4, age
5, sex   6, postaladdress   7, phone Numbers

Mr. Donald Flack
Tel: +447031937060

Congratulations once more, from nokia web-online balloting selection.

Mrs Elizabeth Wallace.
Director of Nokia Company Promotion,

Email-Adressen:,, …

6. NOKIA UK 2012                                                                            lottery-scam,


Your E-mail has won you 1,000,000 pounds in Nokia Company Promotion,  2012 for claim send name/mobile/address To email:
Tel: +44-701-110-6959

Email-Adressen:,, …

7. BUSINESS INVESTMENT                                                     investment-scam,

I am Mr Steven.Jacobs, a retired Mariner Director here in London England. However
i have already sent you this same message one month ago but I was not certain if the message promptly got to you since I did not hear from you.The message is about entrusting my fund to your care for investment in your country. It will be in my interest to
transfer this fund worth of £27.5M Great British Pounds (Twenty Seven Million Five hundred thousand Pounds Sterling) in an account offshore. Can you be my partner? Can i TRUST you?

Regards and respect.
Please kindly let me know if you can do this for the two of us.
Mr. Steven Jacobs.(NNMG)


8. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…                          phishing and identity-theft,


Cash Advance Up to $1500   Cash Advance Up to $1500   Cash Advance Up to $1500

To unsubscribe from future Rapid Cash Today, offers click here,
or write to Rapid Cash Today, 1707 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701


9. The Shell Oil Company of Nigeria Ltd.                            employment-scam,

P.O. Box 263 Shell Industrial Area
Rumuobiakani Port Harcourt Nigeria

You are hereby notified that your qualifications and experiences were  found suitable for the requirements of Shell Oil Company of Nigeria Ltd., For  verification and screening you are to submit your most recent resumes  and certificates through our Careers department e-mail below.

Mr. John Powell
Head Human Resources Depart


10. BUSINESS PARTNER INVESTMENT                                investment-scam,

From: Mr. Nelson John London, UK

Dear Sir,
In continuation of your esteemed contact which I got through an Indian website directory, I’m interested in investing a substantial amount of funds into Real estate/Manufacture business sector in India, this is subjected to the availability of by- Laws that allows for foreign investment and my choice of India is due to the India buoyant economy.

My Name is Mr. Nelson John, originally from South Africa but presently living in UK with my Mother and brother, based on my binding agreement with you to manage and invest the funds on a chosen business sector, I’m willing to enter into private financing of capital-intensive projects with you.


  • 1. To Invest about US $ 3.5 m Dollars
  • 2. To Invest in Real Estate/Manufacturing business sectors or any other lucrative business in any particular place of your choice.
  • 3. Is it possible to get the money back in the next 5-10 years while the investment is in progress?.

Conclusively, please let me know in your response if you are interested to partner with me. I am willing to come personally to India for a round table discussion with you and
I hope this will be the beginning of a prosperous Relationship between both parties

Best Regards,
Yours Sincerely
Nelson John

Email-Adressen:,, …

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