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Crude oil offer, NO upfront PAYMENT
First, We want to introduce ourself and notify you that we are in direct contact with sellers for many types of petroleum products such as, BLCO – Mazut 100 – D2 – JP54 – JPA1, FORCADOES, LPFO, AGO and many more. we will provide you with all the necessary information your company needs direct from the sellers . The seller works directly through our firm to facilitate a more genuine and performance mannered experience for your success.

We have the ability to offer to you the most competitive prices in the market and the best ability to arrange and release produt faster, secure and more efficiently.
Get back to us via email for more detail,


2.  FROM MISS LYDIA DAVIS                                                        refugee-scam, 


Dear God’s elect,
I bring you greetings in the name of God
Please permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I have the believe you are a reputable andresponsible and trustworthy person I can do business with from the little information so far I gathered about you during my search for a partner and by matter of trust I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business.

I am Miss Lydia Davis; I am 20 years old and the only daughter of my late Mother Mrs. Joys Davis. It’s my pleasure to contact you for a business venture; thereis this huge amount of money Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand American Dollars ($8,500,000) which my late mother Mrs.J. Davis a very rich woman, a Coffee, Cocoa Merchant, based in Abidjan the Economic Capital of the Cote d’Ivoire, deposited for me her only
Daughter in a commercial bank in before shewas assassinated by unknown persons in the political crises in our country.

Now I have decided to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside this country for security purposes. The people that assassinated my late mother are now in plan to kill me. I want you to help me to transfer this fund to your country for investment purposes on the followings below, Or to establish in anyinvestment of your choice. The people that assassinated my late motherare now in plan to kill me to take
away everything that belongs to my late mother.

1). Telecommunication   2). International School   3). Five star hotel
4). Real Estate   5). Charity organization

If you can be of assistance to me I will be pleased to offer to you 15% ofthe total sum while 5% will be for miscellaneous expenses incurredduring the transaction. Please
I want you to have the confident this transaction is genuine and legitimate. I am in a sincere desire of yourhumble assistance in this regards. Your suggestions and ideas will behighly regarded  you can reach me with email address:

I await your soonest response.
My regards and wish.
Thanks and God bless you
sincerely  MISS. Lydia Davis

NB: I suggest that you handle this matter with subtleness and Confidentiality in light of the degrading socio-political situation we are currently living in our country.

Email-Adressen:,, …

3. HELLO                                                                                       romance-scam,      

Hello Friend,
compliment of the season to you, How is life with you over their? i will like to introduce my self to you. My name is Miss Marry John i look for long term relationship honest one i saw your profile on this to day site i feel interested of you why i contacted you, If you are interested for serious relationship contact me on my Email for more discussions then i will send you my photo,

I wait for your responses soon
Regards Marry John


4. CONFIRM OWNERSHIP (PARCEL)                     phishing and identity-theft,


Dear Customer!
We have been waiting for you to contact us for your Conformable that is registered us for shipping to your residential location. We had thought that your sender gave you contact details. It may interest you to note that a letter is also added your package.And you will be  paying for the security fee of $ 286 because all other fee been paid by
the However, we cannot quote its content to you via email for Privacy  we understand that content of your package itself is a Bank Draft worth of $ 800,000.00 USD. you know, FedEx not ship money in CASH or in Bank Drafts are shippable. Kindly complete the below form and send it the email address above. This is mandatory to reconfirm your Postal address and numbers for information concerning this delivery.


Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Peter Williams

Email-Adressen:,, … 

5. GOOD  DAY                                                                           investment-scam,

I know this mail will come as surprise to you but in a brief introduction. My name is Leta Moses. I am 21 years old, It is my  pleasure communicating with you for the first time and believing that it  will lead to a better relationship between us. I have an inheritance that I would want to invest in your country. The amount is US $ 12 million. I want  you to stand as my father business partner in claiming the money from the  security and finance company here. I am ready to part with 10% of the  total sum to you if only you assist me to claim the money and assist me also in investing the money in any lucrative business. And pleases I need your to fell this  information


pls this is my mail contact you con replay me to this mail
I will give you  more detail and forward all vital information as soon as I hear from you.

Leta Moses

Email-Adressen:,, …


Hello Dear,
I am Mr. George Saint, the Youth leader of Ezefu II village in Bayelsa State Nigeria, and the personal BODY GARD to the state governor Mr. Timipre Sylva, A gas facility belonging to American Chevron Oil Company, located at the Atlantic Ocean exploded and spewed fire on January 16 this year and affected over 3,000 residents of Ezefu I, Ezefu II, Koloama I, Koloama II, Furoupa, Fish Town, Sangana, and Ekeni in Bayelsa State.

Now the American Chevron Oil Company, has compensate the communities and i was privileged as the personal gard to the STATE GOVERNOR to get $ 7.5 m USD
( SEVEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ) for my own village with the help of the Bayelsa state Governor, I am contacting you to help me receive the money from the AIR-PORT as a business partner just to avoid questioning about money
laundering, for your help i shall compensate you with 30% from the total money
( $ 7.5 m ).


Telephone number …………. Private email address……….

i will contact you and tell you the hotel where i lodge in Turkey.

George Saint


7. HI LOVE                                                                                     romance-scam,

I am a beautiful young and charming girl looking for real love and protection,
I have gone through your profile, and am very happy to contact you for us to know
ourselves. You know that distance, age and indeed color cannot stop true love.
Please, I would appreciate if you send Email to my private Email box:
( ) So that i can send my pictures and more information
about my self to you.

Brenda Seaman,

Email-Adressen:,,,, …

8. JOB VACANCY APPLY FAST                                            employment-scam,
Whithmore Timber
Honey Pot Lane,
Colsterworth, near Grantham,
Lincolnshire, NG33 5LT
Telephone: +448712340195,+448712340196

Dear sir/madam

Whitmore Timber Co. Ltd., is a Latvian company based in United Kingdom. We deal with timbers and wood. We need a representative  that will be helping us receive Payment from our customers in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. This is a part time job which would not in anyway affect your present job as long as you have off periods when you can visit the bank at working hours at least twice a week.


1, Receive payment from our customers
2, Get the payment cashed at the bank
3, Deduct 10% for your self as your own weekly income
4, send the remaining 90%  to our raw material suppliers

If you are interested in becoming our Payment representative, apply within and get back to us with the requirements below.


1, You must have computer idea   2, full name   3, home address   4, city   5, state
6, zip/postal codes   7, nationality   8, sex   9, age   10 telephone

Hope to read from you as soon as possible.

Tony Johnson


9. LOAN OFFER                                                                                   loan-scam,

Dear Sir/madam
We got your email address by Internet searching. And the purpose of contacting you is to tell you that, we are from the Swift-Link Business Services Ltd., 245 HYDE ROAD, WOODLEY, STOCKPORT CHESHIRE, UK SK6 1PF Company No. 04661388. And we offer all kinds of Loans at 3% rate contact us with the following e-mail:

Full Name:   Amount Needed:   Duration:   Country:    Tel NO:    Monthly Income

Dr. Arthur Lucas


10. RE. INVESTING IN YOUR COUNTRY                                investment-scam,

Dear friend,
I am Mr. Albert T. Guru, I need a good and trust worthy investor who can help me receive and invest the sum of US $ 19.5 million United State dollars in your country. Please get back to me to indicate your willingness.

Thanks and waiting to hear from you soonest.
Best regards Albert T. Guru


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