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Greetings to you and your family , My name is Ail Salif manager of bill and exchange in bank, i have i business of 5.5 Million Euro to be transfer to your account for investment in your country if you are ready to assist me get back to me i will give you full details on how the money will be transfer to you.

You must assure me that everything will be handled confidentially because we are not going to suffer again in life. It has been 10 years now that most of the greedy Politicians used our bank to Launder money overseas through the help of their Political advisers.
Most of the funds which they transferred out of the shores of Africa was gold and oil money that was supposed to have been used to develop the continent. Their Political advisers always inflated the amounts before transfer to foreign accounts so I also used the opportunity to divert part of the funds hence I am aware that there is no of facial trace of how much was transferred as all the accounts used for such transfers were being closed after transfer.

I acted as the Account Officer to most of the politicians and when I discovered that they were using me to succeed in their greedy act, I also cleaned some of their banking records from the Bank files and no one cared to ask me because the money was too much for them to control.

They laundered over (90 Million Euro) during the process .As I am sending this message to you, I was able to divert Five Million Five Hundred Thousand Euro (â,¬5.5M) to an escrow accountbelonging to no one in the bank.

The bank is anxious now to know who is the beneficiary to the funds because they have made a lot of profits with the funds. It is more than Eight years now and most of the politicians are no longer using our bank to transfer funds overseas. The (5.5 Million Euro) has been lying waste but I don’t want to retire from the bank without transferring the funds to a foreign account to enable me share the proceeds with the receiver.
The money will be shared 60% for me and 40% for you .There is no one coming to ask you about the funds because I secured everything. please quickly reply me

Yours Faithfully,
Mr Ali Salif


2. HELLO romance-scam,

I am very happy to meet you on this site today. My name Gladys Jason, I am very interesting, intelligent, honest, easy going and beautifully attractive young girl. I saw your profile on this site and became interested in you. I will like to know you better. Please send me mail to my private email address ( so that
I can send you my pictures and tell you in details about myself. I believe that we can start up a long lasting relationship from here. Remember, age, race, distance or even color does not matter but love matters most in life. Please reply me with this email address; (

From Gladys Jason


3. HI FRIEND! romance-scam,

My name is Sarah, I saw your e-mail on the web decide to drop you few line. e-mail reply me back; So that we’ll discuss more I look to receive your reply soon,

Regard Sarah


4. HI FROM JESSI! refugee-scam,

Dear, Quite frankly, I know it may have sounded pretty strange for you on why I chose to contact you as you are a complete stranger to me and I must tell you this, I contacted you for the simple reason that we do not know each other.It would be very difficult for me to contact anybody here who knows me for this purpose as I may stand the risk and chance of being cheated of my inheritance because the person would have known my weaknesses. I may even lose my life that is why I decided to contact you a complete stranger. My name is Jessica Jemmah the only child of my parent. During the post electoral civil and political crisis in our country, my parents were killed by heartless military that supported the incumbent president that lose election and refuses to step down. Fortunately for me, I was in the school in Ghana when this tragedy took place in my family. But I thank the almighty God because I never knew that I could survive the shock of losing almost my family. Right now I am still here in the country but very “unsafe” for me. I’m living in a great fear and bondage. I intend leaving this country as soon as possible but only one thing has kept me back. My late father has deposited with one of the prime financial institution, the sum of money, SEVEN MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ($7.600,000.00). The primary reason of contacting you is that my late father had a written agreement with the financial institution that before I will come for the claim, I must be above 29 years of age or
I must present a business partner or business guarantor to make sure the money will be invested in a very lucrative and safe way. As I am writing to you, I am just 17yrs of age and life here is so difficult to cope with. There is no possibility for me to wait until I clock 29 years before I go forth for the claim, if I should wait for that it means the money will be lost as my life is not guaranteed here in Ivory Coast anymore.From the light of the above, my instinct tells me that I should trust you to act as my business partner so that the funds will be released to you on request and I could move over to your country and both of us have the funds invested in a good lucrative business area of your choice hence I am interested in real estate business. I wait to read from you if you accept my request as I promise to give you more detailed information.Awaiting for a positive

Jessica Jemmah



Having gone through your listed products, we have great interest to enter into purchase agreement with your Company. Please get back to us with the following information.

1. Prices FOB 2. Payment terms 3. Delivery Period 4. MOQ
5. Specified delivery date assuming from the Date of Order.

Please reply urgently to our Sales Manager email address:

Your quick reply will be highly appreciated
Mr Tom Howard Sales Manager.
Techno Services Ltd.
Tel: 530 327 9332
Toll Free: +1-866-674-3161
Fax: (209) 214-6565
12 sandy spring Rd, Laurel MD 20707 USA.


6. REMITTANCE OF US $ 6.5 MILLION next-of-kin-scam,

FROM Barrister Willian James Okoh
Benin Republic Cotonou.
TELEPHONE (+229 99 17 71 11)
Reply to me here Email: (

Please i want you to read this letter very carefully and i must apologize for bringing this message into your mail box without any formal introduction due to the urgency and confidential of this issue and i know that this message will come to you as a surprise, Pls this is not a joke and i will not like you to jeopardise with it.

My Urgent need for a foreign partner that made me to contact you for this legal transaction. I am a Banker by Profession, from Benin Republic in West Africa and currently holding the post of director Auditing and accounting unit of the bank.
I have the opportunity of transferring the left over Funds ($15.5 million) of one of my bank clients who died Along with his entire family in a plane crash on December 6 2003.

And I don’t want the money to go into our Bank treasury account as an unclaim fund. So this is the reason why i contacted you so that our bank will release this money to you as the next of kin to the deceased customer. Please I would like you to keep this proposal as top secret. And the sharing of this fund we be 50% for you then 50% for me.

>From banking experience it will take up to seven ( 7) working days to conclude this transfer. I sincerely need your help because this might be my first and last opportunity of hitting big money. I also would want you to treat this affair as both urgent, top secret and confidential. I want you to also know that this transaction will involve some expenses which will be shared among both of us. This payment will be effected through Swift Telegraphic Transfer.

Your Urgent response is needed for immediatey so that i can send to you application form which you have to fill and send to the bank for the transfer of the $6.5 million USA dollars in your receiving bank account.


Your Name Your Home Addresses City Country
Home Telephone Private Telephone Fax No Marital Status
International Passport or ID card

Thank you.Greetings to you and your family.
Barrister Willian James Okoh
Call Phone Number (+229 99 17 71 11)



Greetings Child of God,
As the earth remains there must be seed time and harvest time. A time to sow and the time to reap that which is sown. And the bible said that what ever that a man sow the same he will reap.In tams of sowing seeds the ground where we sow our seed maters. there are virgin lands that has not been sown before, there are fertile land that bring good fruits, there are barren lands that has been over sown there is no more manure to bring forth fruits. I am Pastor Samuel Ezekwesili, the best Bible commentator in the world presently, the serving Overseer of The Triumphant People Assembly Incorporation. I am putting up a network outreach that will cost over $ 5 million dollars for a start.

Our vision Is to reach out to those millions of souls out there who has no time to read their running commentary on the whole Bible on tape, Cd’s, V.c.D all for free so that no one will miss out,on our T.V station on daily bases.

Our Mission is to teach and preach the sweet and bitter truth of the word of God which is Christ Jesus no matter what it’s cost through out the whole earth as God permits.
Our purpose is Glorify God by making fruitful disciples, to make sure many come to the knowledge of the truth and to reach out to the less privilege,to accomplish this task God has called me to do I want to do you a favor by asking you to be partner with (me) us.

Sow a seed today in this virgin land for hundredfold increase.I ask you to sow with any mount let something leaves your hand and ask GOD for three thing that you want God to do for you withing three months, I don’t care who you are or what may be your need all i care is what the word of God says with God all things are possible and to them that believe noting shall be impossible,do you believe?every body has need your need. sow a seed today and watch the three things you ask that is very important in your life come to pass,you have noting to lose give it a try He is a God that stand behind His Word to make it come to pass.

Do you know that you will be in Heaven? Do you know that you are a child of God? Do you know that a righteous man is that parson that live his live according to God standard? Do you know that the happiest people in this life are those who invest in others? Do you know that the best tithe you can give to God is to give that parson who has need around you? Do you know that the secret to wealth is to sow in the things of God? do you know that the only religion God recognized is to help the poor, visit the fatherless, the widow and to reach out to the less prevailed and do justice to strangers around you? Remember the Law of increase is giving, the bible says that He that waters will be watered, give it shall be given unto you,good measure press down, shaking together and running over shall men give unto your bosom the measure you give is what will be measured back to you.He that sow bountifully shall reap bountifully, and He that sow sparingly shall reap sparingly.

The first Hundred people to sow seed into this Ministry their name will be written as the pioneers of this great ministry.

send money by Money Gram or Western Union money transfer to;
Samuel Ezekwesili city Lagos, Nigeria send MTC number to me

God Bless you as you Obey.
Pastor Samuel Ezekwesili


8. CONTACT WESTERN UNION money-transfer-scam,


Good Day Friend,
I am happy to inform you about my success in getting that fund Now transferred. I thank you for your great effort to our unfinished transfer of fund into your account due to one reason or the other best known to you. But I want to inform you that I have successfully transferred the fund into my new partner’s account in India, who was eventually, capable of assisting me in this great venture. Due to your effort, sincerity, courage and trust worthiness you showed during the course of the transaction. I am compensating you and show my gratitude to you with the sum of $ 900 000.00

Now contact Western Union, agent in Burkina Faso, contact person is Mrs. Florince Zampou, ask her to send you the total sum of $ 900,000.00 which I deposited in an account in with home for inherited fund department for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. So feel free and get in touched with her and pick up the total sum of
$ 900.000.00 to send the amount to you.

Please, contact Mrs. Florince Zampou, to issue you the payment information text question and answer so that you can pick up the amount email below is her office email address ( forward her your information’s Telephone number and address so that he will be sure

Mr. Victor B Nzerim



Dear friend,
My name is Mr. Paele Fams, a Fund Manager with Fidelity Investment, United Kingdom. One of the world’s largest investment company. I have been the personal Fund Manager for the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi for many years.

Total sum of Fifteen Million, Seven Hundred and Forty Five Thousand British Pounds (15,745,000.00)GBP was invested on behalf of the late president of LIBYA under a SECRET CODE INVESTMENT where none of his personal informations was used for the investment. This is known between only both of us and not even the investment company has informations about the owner of the investment. Now that President Muammar Gaddafi is DEAD, I need a reliable and trustworthy person with whom I can work this deal out so that we can claim the funds as mentioned above. There is no risk attached and the funds in question can never be dictated or traced. Please note that all expenses during this transaction will be solely handled by me personally.

Mr. Paele Fams



Am really sorry i wrote so late about my inquiry i actually traveled to china to meet with some suppliers and i just came back into town few days ago. I was able to meet with some companies and also got to see what they have for me but i was surprised because the prices are much.

We saw a similar product on Alibaba Shopping Business Page so please confirm to us ifyou / your company can make provision of the exact product as shown on Alibaba Shopping Business Page which you can view by clicking the link below and login with you email address together with your password to download the attachment page to view the product. We will await your response with details, date of delivery and send quotation for large qty urgently prize and quantity that can be made available.

Best Regard
Tonny Frank


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