If you found this web page while searching for a specific email text then you are almost certainly dealing with an email scammer. You better stop all communication immediately since this person is dangerous and will probably try to get you bankrupt within shortest time, if not even worse. By the way, the smarter the scammer, the longer he will wait before he begs you for money or something else.

Online Scammers like to “steal” and use the identities of real persons or companies, or abuse their email addresses as their own sender-addresses, in order to appear more legitimate towards their victims and gain their trust. I do not have any influence on that. Please understand that the rightful owners of abused names or email addresses mentioned in my blog, are not connected with any unlawful activities of criminal email scammers.

If you can, block the SCAMMER. You will live much safer with that.
If you need further help, get in touch.

It is forbidden, to modified my Articels or parts from my texts, and impersonate this as your own work. It is only allow to copy or share my Articels or parts of my texts, when you mention me and put back a link to my blog “” (reconstructed Article from the year 2013/2014)
nigerian-419-scam-and-russian-bride-scam-soul-catcher.euNIGERIAN 419 SCAM

named after the section of the Nigerian law pertaining to fraud unifies hundreds of methods of advance fee fraud. That includes lottery scam, employment scam, bank loan scam, pet scam, romance scam and many other kinds of scam. You may see a – not complete – list of different known scam types here. We especially speak about the specific dating scam, also called romance scam. As a rule, it starts with a letter. You will receive an e-mail from a profile with a considerably attractive picture. She or he will not be so pushy at first. Following one of the fraud schemes, a scammer will tell you that she/he (please notice: it’s always a man behind the pictures) actually lives in the US or UK, but is currently on a business trip or working abroad, let’s say, in any West African country. An unexperienced scammer will ask you already after some weeks for money, he does not yet know the ‘right’ moment. But the most of them know very well what and how to do. Your communication with such a scammer may last for some months or even up to a year before a standard process of sucking out your finances starts. The fraudster will become your very best friend and make you feel that he is only for you and that you can trust him. But one day something will definitely happen – your ‘friend’ will completely run out of money just a week before his next salary, or he will get to a hospital (or even to jail), he will need to buy a ticket, cash any money order or save a dying aunty who needs an urgent operation. Or maybe, he needs to bribe some corrupt officials. By that time he will ask you for money, your vigilance will most likely already be fully lulled, as many scammers are very good at psychology, and they know tons of true sounding stories. Once you send the money the dating scam stops – but you shouldn’t forget about it. Most likely, the scammer will disappear too, unless he feels that he can ‘milk’ your wallet for a bit longer. In any way do not believe that the case is done. Most likely, after a while, any other scammer will start to approach you, and will try out whether you are good for another ride.

is very typical for online dating sites, so pay attention. Here is how it usually works. Imagine you are registered on a dating site or a social network. You are lonely and dreaming to find a soulmate, who is beautiful, young and naive. One day you receive a message from a profile that looks very similar to your dream. The only drawback is that the girl who sent it lives in Russia or Ukraine. The message would usually be written in broken English, but have vague content anyone will like. Such letters typically start with a brief description of a potential online-dating-scams bride’s personal qualities (such as being honest, loving, not mercenary etc.), and of how much she was impressed with your profile. She will promise to send her photos in case you are interested. Most likely you will receive pictures of a model looking, just too good to be a real person. In some cases there will be a real girl on those pictures (they will look more natural). The only problem is that she has nothing to do with the love messages you receive. No doubts that her photo was stolen from the Internet. Once you start taking serious interest in your new friend, ’she’ will let you know about her feelings for you. Of course, she is in love. You’ve been chatting for only a week or so? You have never met or even talked to each other on the phone? Well, there are no hurdles for true love, and you were definitely meant for each other – this is what she will tell you. Then the most interesting part starts. This girl from a country with no jobs, where winters are too cold, will want to come and see you, because her love for you is so strong. She will need some money to get her visa done (maybe, about $300). Once you send it – she will definitely need more. There may be hundreds of reasons: booking tickets, sick relatives, telephone and internet connection bills (she can’t imagine even a day without hearing your voice!) and so on, and so forth. She will never reveal her bank account details, but will ask you to send funds via some money transfer system. Finally, you will understand that you got fooled. By that time you may become heart broken and some hundred dollars poorer.


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