If you found this web page while searching for a specific Person then you are almost certainly dealing with a scammer. You better stop all communication immediately since this person is dangerous and will probably try to get you bankrupt within shortest time, if not even worse. By the way, the smarter the scammer, the longer he will wait before he begs you for money or something else.
Online Scammers like to “steal” and use the identities of real persons or companies, or abuse their email addresses as their own sender-addresses, in order to appear more legitimate towards their victims and gain their trust. I do not have any influence on that. Please understand that the rightful owners of abused names or email addresses mentioned in my blog, are not connected with any unlawful activities of criminal email scammers.
If you can, block the SCAMMER. You will live much safer with that.
If you need further help, get in touch.
It is forbidden, to modified my Article or parts from my texts, and impersonate this as your own work. It is only allow to copy or share my Article or parts of my texts, when you mention me and put back a link to my blog „


To counterfeit means to imitate something. A counterfeit image is a fakes from unauthorized replicas of the real image. Counterfeit images are often produced
and used from Scammers with the intent to betray other person …

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  1. Cheryl H.
    Cheryl H. says:

    happy 3 time by cater f ham go back cater hame wear glass es and short hair is black and gray accent to

  2. Deborah M. A.
    Deborah M. A. says:

    I was scammed by an Olivier De Bavinchove . His email address is general He scammed me out of$2,600.00. I used my Citi credit card to pay western union. Then he emailed me, and said that the UN.never received the payment. This payment was supposed to be for his military vacation here in the states to come and visit me. I sent it to a bank account by western union. The name on the account is Kathleen Edwin Miller. I tried to get my money back from western union, but they said that the funds have been picked up. My credit card company issued a temporary credit, which they took back, because they couldn’t find sufficient evidence for me to keep the credit! This has angered and hurt me to the very core!!!! I want my money back!!!! I really thought that it was General Olivier De Bavinchove. I discovered that it was a scam, when he became threatening, and was trying to force me into sending another payment.

  3. My real Name Gloria
    My real Name Gloria says:

    i pray by gods miracle you get your money ,back, so heartbreaking the lies that sunk said to you

    • ZaraTra
      ZaraTra says:

      I say it again, it’s a mistake better a wrong thinking, to believe to get money back …
      People, who promise you that are also only Scammer or have fun with what happened to you …

      The reports around the internet, where you have to get in touch so that you as a victim of such frauds get their money back are wrong!


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