If you found this web page while searching for a specific email text then you are almost certainly dealing with an email scammer. You better stop all communication immediately since this person is dangerous and will probably try to get you bankrupt within shortest time, if not even worse. By the way, the smarter the scammer, the longer he will wait before he begs you for money or something else.

Online Scammers like to “steal” and use the identities of real persons or companies, or abuse their email addresses as their own sender-addresses, in order to appear more legitimate towards their victims and gain their trust. I do not have any influence on that. Please understand that the rightful owners of abused names or email addresses mentioned in my blog, are not connected with any unlawful activities of criminal email scammers.

If you can, block the SCAMMER. You will live much safer with that.
If you need further help, get in touch.

It is forbidden, to modified my Articels or parts from my texts, and impersonate this as your own work. It is only allow to copy or share my Articels or parts of my texts, when you mention me and put back a link to my blog “” (reconstructed Article from the year 2013/2014)


You receive an email with any great sounding offer from your bank, a reputable company or organization. To proceed you need to click on a link or to log in. Never do it! If it is a forged website you may download a virus, a trojan, or a keylogger. Better key in the URL of the webpage of the company or organization.
Do not reply to such messages!
Do not click on links in such message!
Do not download pictures or E-mail attachments!
Never give out your Data to a person you do not known in personally
or where you not know who is behind it.

Be wise and make your life easy with such kind of emails … up with them in the trash  …


From: Express Delivery <>
Dear customer
The parcel was sent your home adress And it will arrive within 10 business days
More information and the tracking number are attached in document below.
Thank You
© Delivery Express 1995-2011
– Do not open the Zip file, it will contain a trojan –


From: MichaelSmith2
To: txxxxxxxxx
Date: 1, Apr 17:40:23Subject: Dear FriendDear Friend,
Greetings,I am sorry for using this medium of communication in contacting you, but be informed that it is based on the urgent nature of this deal that I am about to present to you now for your consideration.First, it will be my great pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am Mr. Michael Smith, native of United Kingdom and the Chief Executive Officer ANZ Financial Institution United Kingdom, ANZ London office 40 Bank Street Canary Wharf London E14 5EJ. I handle all our Investors Capital Project Funds. I was able to extract 1.2% investors Excess Return Capital Funds to our ANZ Trust Funds Account whereby I can easily present anyone of my choice to claim the funds. On this note, the total sum of 5.745Milion GBP has been extracted representing the 1.2% Excess Return Capital Funds from the Investors Capital Project Funds for 2008/2009.And this said funds has been moved to a Finance firm account here.I need a reliable and trustworthy person that i will present as the beneficiary to the funds in question , for the fund above to be release to his/her account for investment purpose.There is no risk attached and the funds in question can never be detected or traced. Our sharing ratio is 60% for me and 40% for you. If you are interested, kindly reply back to me for more details.Please if you are not interested don’t use this form to betray me.Sincerely,


De: Information Technology <>
Para: Yxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Assunto: Update Your E-Mail Details AccountConfirm Your E-Mail DetailsDear Email User
This message is from Information Technology Services of This EMAIL to all our Staff. We are currently upgrading our database and e-mail center and this is our final notification to you.we have sent several messages to you without response.We are deleting all unused Mail account to create space for new accounts. In order not to be suspended, you will have to update your account by providing the information listed below:Confirm Your E-Mail Details..
User name: ………………
Re Confirm Password:………….If you fail to confirm your continuous usage of our services by confirming your email password now, your account will be disable and you will not be able to access your email.You should immediately reply this email: and enter your password in the above password column. Thanks for your understanding.Regard,
IT Services

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