If you found this web page while searching for a specific Person then you are almost certainly dealing with a scammer. You better stop all communication immediately since this person is dangerous and will probably try to get you bankrupt within shortest time, if not even worse. By the way, the smarter the scammer, the longer he will wait before he begs you for money or something else.
Online Scammers like to “steal” and use the identities of real persons or companies, or abuse their email addresses as their own sender-addresses, in order to appear more legitimate towards their victims and gain their trust. I do not have any influence on that. Please understand that the rightful owners of abused names or email addresses mentioned in my blog, are not connected with any unlawful activities of criminal email scammers.
If you can, block the SCAMMER. You will live much safer with that.
If you need further help, get in touch.
It is forbidden, to modified my Article or parts from my texts, and impersonate this as your own work. It is only allow to copy or share my Article or parts of my texts, when you mention me and put back a link to my blog „http://soul-catcher.eu“ (Reconstructed and overworked Article from the Years 2012-2015)
A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth. It is distinguishable from errors in observation or judgment,[1] or rumors, urban legends, pseudosciences or April Fools’ Day events that are passed along in good faith by believers or as jokes
One of the earliest recorded media hoaxes is a fake almanac published by Jonathan Swift under the pseudonym of Isaac Bickerstaff in 1708. Swift predicted the death of John Partridge, one of the leading astrologers in England at that time, in the almanac and later issued an elegy on the day Partridge was supposed to have died. Partridge’s reputation was damaged as a result and his astrological almanac was not published for the next six years. QUELLE. VIKIPEDIA.
Rule of thumb! 

  • Warning of a dangerous computer virus with incredible destructive power
  • Warning of an attack, secret food or product extortion
  • An amazing story (example: person xy wasted money )
  • Product values, if you send the email to other persons
  • A child needs help. (leukemia, donations, etc.)
  • Reports of deaths of famous people
  • and and and

The sender play with your emotions: fear, greed, compassion.
Often is in these emails also from an alleged official sender’s the speech:
(Federal Intelligence Service, Federal Criminal Police, Microsoft, antivirus software manufacturers, etc.,  this is only to make believe to the recipient that all information reviewed and are first-hand , Unfortunately, the longer the headers, the more recipients have forwarded the email, the more likely they will continue to be sent.

How do I find out that its a hoax message ?!
The easiest You realize a hoax just by typing the keywords in the text at Google (or another search engine of your trust). Most Hoax are very old. Even a Brand New Probably not hit you as the first on the Internet.
If you are not sure look at this website: HOAX BUSTERS (The Big List of Intenet Hoaxes)
What should I do if I receive a hoax?
Even if it hurts – do not do anything. Delete the email, SMS, Instant Message, etc. whatever you get and forget that you have received it. save yourself and your fellow precious time and use it for something rather nice!

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