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Online Scammers like to “steal” and use the identities of real persons or companies, or abuse their email addresses as their own sender-addresses, in order to appear more legitimate towards their victims and gain their trust. I do not have any influence on that. Please understand that the rightful owners of abused names or email addresses mentioned in my blog, are not connected with any unlawful activities of criminal email scammers.

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(Think on it! What happens in Germany today can happen tomorrow in the country you come from!)

According to research by the ARD political magazine Report Mainz, forged vaccination passes are being offered for sale in various groups of the Telegram messenger service, as reported by the Tagesschau. The German vaccination passports are advertised with photos on which the stamps, signatures and stickers of the vaccines with batch numbers can be seen.

According to the stamp, the forged vaccination passports come mainly from large German vaccination centers such as Bonn, Frankfurt, Augsburg or Frankenthal. Passes from Düsseldorf and Munich are also available for purchase on the Internet. The federal government is meanwhile planning a digital vaccination pass, which should serve as forgery-proof proof of corona vaccinations, as * echo24.de reports.

Do not give criminals a chance to misuse your data on the vaccination certificate for their own purposes! I know that one or the other is happy about their corona vaccination and would like to share this joy publicly! I ask you not to photograph your vaccination certificate and to publish it in public portals for all to see! Remember, it is your personal health information. This information are sensitive and should be protected!

For security reasons and in order not to play into the hands of criminals, certain things simply should not be posted on public portals!

This contains!

  • Vaccination records of all kinds
  • driver’s licenses
  • passports
  • Letters, where the address can be seen
  • Pictures of cars, where the license plate can be seen
  • and please do not post in portals when you go on vacation and the house or apartment is unattended.

I often hear from people …  I know my friends or I am only friends with people on Facebook whom I know personally. That could be … Only your contributions can be visible to everyone else if you have incorrectly set the private settings.

There is a saying in Germany: the devil is a squirrel.
Word meaning / definition:
1) One must never be too sure, even from supposedly harmless things unexpectedly bad can grow


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