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also known as:
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Anderson Aldi, Anderson Brown, Anderson Davenport, Anderson Donny, Anderson Willimams, Andrew Anderson, Andrew Browen, Andrew Clark, Andrew John Smith, Andrew Marc, Andrew Marcus, Andrew V. Crouger, Andwer Adcock, Andy Bright Ray, Andy Wilson, Angelo England, Angelo Love, Anita Hammond, Anthony Brandan, Anthony Folwer, Anthony John, Anthony Ryan, Antonie Walker, Aplay Paul, Armist Harris, Arnesen Kenneth Korsrud, Arnold Clyde, Arnold Ruddock, Arnold S. Ingrid, Aron Brouce, Aron Bruce, Arthur H. Spencer, Arthur Herman Spencer, Arthur Herman, Ashey Noel, Audwine Axel, Austin Kirch, Austin Larry, Austin Miller, Barr. Ibrahim Nurudi, Barry Ferdinand, Barry Hearn, Barry Waters, Beckmann Cowan, Ben Foster, Benja Frank, Benjamin Mixon, Bennie Marcus, Bernard George, Bernard Huddson, Bernard Peterson, Bertram Richard Ablysir, Beyer Williams, Biggs Leslie Charles, Bill Gary Miller, Bill James, Bill Mitchell, Bill Scott, Bill Smith, Bills Mark, Billy Brown, Bismark White, Bob Moore, Bobby Dock, Bomy Frank, Brad Gehard Williamson, Brain Macson, Brent Conrad, Breuninger Alter, Brian Albert, Brian Hart, Bright Wilson, Brown Daniel, Bruce Arnord, Bruce Daker, Bruce Morgan, Bruce Williams, Brymer Donard, Cadell Bruadar, Caldwell Johnson, Calvin Davis, Cameron Max Alex, Campos Ridrogues, Campos Rodrigues Filho, Capt. Augie Haro, Capt. Caleb Gibson, Capt. Daniel Kingsley, Capt. Henry Henderson, Capt. Joseph Anton, Capt. Mark Great, Capt. Michael Benz, Capt. Ray Smith, Capt. 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