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First!!! I want to say thanks
to all Scambaiter for their great job.

is thе place where you find Information about romance-scammers and military-scammers. Our extensive database lists knоwn scammers tоgеthеr wіth corroborating evidence lіkе correspondence, photos, countries оf knоwn operation аnd documentation commonly uѕеd bу thеѕе international thieves.

My name is Barbara, better known and this since 2003-2004 under the Pseudonym „ZaraTra“
I live in a nice City in Germany near Switzerland and I am the Admin and the only owner from the wordpressblog …

Screenshots of the used fake accounts and  Stolen Images – Fake-Identity-Cards – Fake-Passports – Photoshopped Images created and abuse by Scammer for identity theft – fraud – crime
you can find here:  Photo Alben by ZaraTra


The first time, where I heard about Scammers, was few years ago, as a friend of mine was cheated from a
Romance-Scammer with fake travelers checks. This was one of the reason why I have created this blog!

At moments, I try reconstruct the lost Articles, after few complete crashes from my wordpress blog in the 2013, 2014 and 2015


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  1. Hello,

    I am a “victim” of a scammer on the German dating site Finya.de. His synonym is gendavid20 and he has a picture of General David M Rodriguez. He also contacted my on skype davidmrodriguez758 and email gendavid_mrodriguez@yahoo.com. He is still active on Finya and his email is still working.
    I just blocked him on Skype. He told me the story about retireing in Germany, getting divorced from his wife. I still have my email conversation with him. On skype I asked him for proof and he opened his camera for a brief moment – showing a picture from a youtube video.
    I have been living in the US for a couple of years, but never had contact to the Army before – so I was an easy target Bummer.

  2. Witam wszystkich jestem Iwona mialam kontakt z panem Heinrich James Lars i stałam sie jego ofiara niestety głupia baba jestem i tyle wzioł mnie na dziecko o imieniu Alexander który ma 13 lat
    a ja niestety mam za dobre serce i wyszłam na tym wiadomo jak z długiem. A naj śmieszniejsze jest to ze go widzialam na skeypie przez kamere i stwierdzilam ze to faktycznie ten pan ,choc jakies cos mi mowilo to oszust ale wpadlam w jego słowa jak młoda głupia. Nawet przysłall certyfikat slubu ze mna i haaa taka głupia jestem jego mail to jameslars25@gmail.com,alexanderlars13@gmail.com .Jesli ktos mial doczynienia z tym panem prosze o kontakt.

  3. I´ve been contacted over Facebook “CATON GREGORY JAMES”. He said it was not safe over Facebook and put me over to hangouts with email austinmiller759@gmail.com . guess it is a fake. Found Lieutenant Austin S. Miller over Wikepedia, but there is unluckily not information about his family. Apparently he is a widow since 4 years , has got one son named Jerry living in the U.K. . And he has only one uncle, very old. How is the real family situation of this General? In my eyes this IS a fake.

  4. I had a guy his name is Mark Welsh I meet him houngout .. he want to sen me 1 millions.. he said love me so much .. ask money from me .. his guy very dangerous..

  5. Sgt Lionel Williams
    Pièces jointes 07:36 (Il y a 1 heure)

    À moi
    Hello Mr. Ben amara,

    First of all, let me give you a brief introduction about myself. My name is Sgt Lionel Williams from Royal Canadian Navy Marine an Orthopedic surgeon working as an emergency doctor in the military, but working currently with the United Nations security here in Syria for peace-building and conflict resolution, and am 51 years old from Vancouver British Columbia Canada, I lost my wife three years ago in car accident, I have one daughter 19 years of age; she is presently at Royal Military College of Canada.

    Meanwhile my main reason I contacted you is for an advice and idea on any lucrative business venture someone can invest in your country, because I will retire from military at the end of my contract here in Syria which is by ending of November, I plan to invest $3.5 million United States dollar, but will like to know the type of business venture someone can invest in because I haven’t been into business, Please how lucrative is your current business? Also how possible it is for foreign investors to invest in your country and what are the conditions? Please do you have Skype account so we can chat for easy communication? Here is my Skype address send request to me for further discussion accordingly: Skype: renext0117.

    Lastly I will be expecting your responds soon. Attached are my pictures for your records


    Sgt Lionel Williams

    Bonjour M. Ben amara,

    Tout d’abord, laissez-moi vous donner une brève introduction sur moi-même. Je m’appelle Sgt Lionel Williams, de la Marine royale canadienne, un chirurgien orthopédiste qui travaille comme médecin urgentiste dans l’armée, mais travaille actuellement avec la sécurité des Nations Unies ici en Syrie pour la consolidation de la paix et la résolution des conflits et j’ai 51 ans Columbia Canada, j’ai perdu ma femme il y a trois ans dans un accident de voiture, j’ai une fille de 19 ans; elle est actuellement au Collège militaire royal du Canada.

    Pendant ce temps ma principale raison pour laquelle je vous ai contacté est pour un conseil et une idée sur toute entreprise lucrative que quelqu’un peut investir dans votre pays, parce que je vais prendre ma retraite à la fin de mon contrat en Syrie. investir 3,5 millions de dollars américains, mais je voudrais savoir le type d’entreprise dans laquelle quelqu’un peut investir parce que je n’ai pas été dans les affaires, S’il vous plaît, comment lucratif est votre entreprise actuelle? Aussi, comment est-il possible pour les investisseurs étrangers d’investir dans votre pays et quelles sont les conditions? S’il vous plaît avez-vous un compte Skype afin que nous puissions discuter pour une communication facile? Voici mon adresse Skype envoyer la demande à moi pour une discussion plus approfondie en conséquence: Skype: renext0117.

    Enfin, je vais attendre vos réponses bientôt. Ci-joint mes photos pour vos dossiers


    J’ai reçue sa ce matin

  6. I have notified facebook about robert b abrams fake 100 accounts or more and they will not remove them. Why not?

  7. Hallo ich bin eine Frau aus der Schweiz. Mich kontaktierte ein Herr namens Wayne Mark über Facebook. Er teilte mir mit er habe einen 13 Jahre alten Sohn habe und seine Frau und Tochter bei einem Unfall verloren hat. Er sei Witwer und sei ein 4 Sterne General in Kabul stationiert für die USA. Er werde bald in Pension gehen. Er schickte mir ein Foto von sich. Ein Foto von faser Douglas. Er sei 52 Jahre alt. Kam mir komisch vor. Ging google und siehe da. Dieser Mann gibt es doch wurde seine Identität gestohlen. Ich dachte machen wir das Spielchen mit, und siehe da er wolle mir sein Verdienst und Wertsachen vom Militär zukommen lassen. Er bräuchte meine Adresse und Telefonnummer und E-Mail Adresse dafür… hab im dann klar gemacht das er mir zu alt sei. Darauf war er weg. Das ist jetzt eine Woche her. Seine E-Mail Adresse ist: waynemark100000@gmail.com